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Top 10 Signs You Should Pull Over Immediately (Part 5)

Top 10 Stars Ten Best Score Rating ReviewHere are the next two tips from your dealer of Mazda Cars near Bristow.

Number seven: You should pull over if you experience any sudden change in handling.

Because you are supposed to keep your hands on ten and two when you are driving, you should be able to feel it if something changes in the handling of your vehicle. You should pay attention to this because changes in handling could mean an extreme change like a tire blowing out or a wheel about to fall off. Usually issues like these result in wobbling in the steering wheel or tugging in one direction. You will be able to feel it in the steering. All of these issues are potentially dangerous and require you to pull over.

Not every single change in handling is a dire emergency. It is possible that a wobble in the steering wheel could be relatively minor like a lost wheel weight or a low tire. It could even be something as simple as a change in a road surface. The catch is that taking the risk in making diagnosis while you are still driving brings the potential of driving over a guardrail and into a nearby putting green. Odds are, it could be worse. Lots of crucial pieces in the front end of the car are attached to the front wheels. This means that you can usually feel it in the steering wheel. So, pay attention to it.

Number eight: You should pull over you if you notice any steam or water vapor coming from your car.

The coolant that is in your car is under pressure. If you see any steam that is usually an indication that this coolant is escaping from its system. If it is leaking slowly and hitting something that is hot, it may not be an emergency. However, if it is leaking quickly it may cause your engine to overheat. You will save yourself thousands of dollars by pulling over no matter what.

Once you pull over, do not twist off the radiator cap to have a look. The coolant in your car is under constant pressure and there is a chance it could explode in your face.


Top 10 Signs You Should Pull Over Immediately (Part 4)

Top TenHere is the next reason you might need to pull over your Mazda Car near Bixby.

Number six: You should pull over if your temperature light or oil light come on.

There are not very many things that can absolutely destroy a car in less than two minutes. For instance, a direct meteor is probably going to do a serious bit of damage. Fortunately this is not a very common problem. However, there are two common things that can ruin car that happen from the inside. Lucky for you, your dashboard has idiot lights for both of these conditions. So, if your car overheats or all the oil burns out of your car, your dash is going to let you know.

If either of those lights come on, don’t you dare try to make it home before you investigate. If you drive for even a few moments with no oil pressure you will completely destroy your car’s internal parts. The same goes for overheated. Severe overheating can blow your head gasket of warp or crack your cylinder head in just a few moments also.

We know that it might be tempting to just get yourself home before you call for help. We have heard stories where people do this because they “feel safer” once they get home, and we appreciate that sentiment pulling over immediately is going to save you around $7,000! If you see the oil light or heat light, unless the driving conditions make it unsafe to do so, pull over, turn off your vehicles, and call someone for help. Your safety is always the most important thing, but that is why your car has flashers on it. Make the smarter your choice.


Top 10 Signs You Should Pull Over Immediately (Part 3)

Features Red 3D Square Button Isolated On White BackgroundLet’s take a look at some driving conditions that should cause you to pull your Used Car near Glenpool off of the road for safety.

Number four: You should pull over if you have a lack in visibility.

Sometimes when we are behind the wheel we forget that we are piloting around a 3,000 pound moving projectile. You are driving at 65 mph, you are moving almost 100 feet per second. Under ideal road conditions, it would take you 316 feet to come to a complete stop from that speed.  For this reason, if makes sense that you would nee to be able to see.

You can have a sudden loss in visibility for many reasons like a sudden downpour, thick fog, broken windshield wipers, a giant splash of mud combined with an empty windshield washer reservoir, a flying projectile that shatters your windshield or maybe even your hood latch coming undone and flying up while you are driving. The thing that is actually most commonly the cause for poor visibility, which is failing to clean off the windshield when it is snowy or icy. The bottom line is always that if you cannot see well out of your windshield for any reason you should pull over right away. You either need to find a way to fix the problem or wait until the weather clears before you get back on the road.

Number five: You should pull over if you if you hear and loud or sudden noise.

You should know what kind of noises are normal for your car to make. Loud engines or loud backfires are possible for some vehicles, and if you know yours does not make those noises you should probably pull over. Maybe you just ran over a plastic milk jug, but on the other hand, it could also mean that your engine just shot a spark plug into the low orbit of the Earth.

Unless you discover that the you did in fact run over a milk jug, that noise is probably an indication that something about your car has changed. That could mean that something has switched from piece to pieces of from attached to unattached. No matter what, you should pull over and figure it out.