The History of Mazda Motor Corporation (1935-1959)

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Great floating gate (O-Torii) on Miyajima islandIn the midst of the budding Mazda Company, still known as the Toyo Kogyo Company, the second world war was well underway all around the world. For a while, the company did not suffer from the war that waged around them. This, however, did not last. The company’s plant was station in Hiroshima, a city well written into the history books of WWII. Until 1935, the company continued to produce normally, but once the war got more prevalent, Toyo Kogyo switched from manufacturing trucks and started producing rifles for the Japanese military.

In 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and ended World Was II. During this time, Toyo Kogyo loaned out part of their headquarters to the Hiroshima prefecture. In the devastation that the atomic bomb caused, much reconstruction was needed for the city of Hiroshima. Until 1946, all functions of the prefecture office were transferred here.

Once the World War was settling behind them, the Toyo Kogyo Company restarted production of the tri-cycle Mazda-Go. By 1949, they were exporting this vehicles to India. In 1951, Jujiro Matsuda, the founder and standing president of the Toyo Kogyo Company stepped aside to become a chairman and Tsuneji Matsuda took over as president of the company. They company continued with production under the new Matsuda. Then, in 1958, the introduced another new vehicle, a 4-wheeled light truck called the Romper.

Now, the Toyo Kogyo Company has nowhere to go but up. With the World War behind them and expansion ahead, the company has nowhere to go but up. As we look forward to the 1960′s, we will begin to see a lot of growth for this company. Check back for this next piece of history from your dealer of Used Cars near Collinsville.

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The History of Mazda Motor Corporation (1920-1934)

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Love For 1920, Sign Series For Calendar Years And Decades.When you are shopping for a new car, one tips that shows up on shopping lists is, “Know that the manufacturer you choose has a good long reputation.” This is so you know the longevity of the company that you are buying for, and that the parts will be readily available. For Mazda, having a long history is a reality. Your local Mazda Car Dealer near Claremore has decided that history class is in session, For the next several blogs, we will be bringing you the history of the Mazda Corporation.

The Mazda corporation was founded in 1920. At its founding, Mazda was actually named the “Toyo Cork Kogyo Company.” It was then bought our by  Jujiro Matsuda and a small group of investors and the name was changed to “Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.” The companies starting years were spent manufacturing various tools.

In 1930, the company constructed a new plant in Hiroshima on a piece of land that was originally a salt farm. In 1930 introduced their three wheeled truck, the Mazda-go. 66 units were produced in this year. Then, in 1932, they began exporting this vehicle to China.  In 1936, as part of a marketing campaign, Mazda sent four Mazda-go Type-KC36 trucks and one Mazda-go Type-DC in a caravan from Kagoshima to Tokyo. The truck barely crossed 2,700 kil. in 25 days, but the events were so successful that inspired other events of the same type.

Fun Fact: The name Mazda comes from an an ancient God in the Western Asian civilizations. This god, Ahura Mazda,  stood for three main characteristics of wisdom, intelligence, and harmony. It seems that Mazda liked the name of that three wheeled truck so much that they decided to keep it!

Check back in our next blog to hear about Mazda during the second world war.


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Three Mazdas Named “2015 Most Popular by

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own it notesEvery month, around 18 million shoppers visit to hopefully find the car that is right for them. Each year there are so many new vehicles to choose from. And Edmunds thinks that it may be helpful to benefit from the wisdom of the crowd. So, each year Edmunds issues a list of vehicles that were the most searched. For the 2015 list. This included 3 Mazda models.

This year, on January 12, 2015, Edmunds released their “2015 Most Popular” award winners. For Mazda, this included the Mazda3 in the compact car category, the Mazda CX-5 in the compact crossover SUV category, and the Mazda CX-9 in the Large Crossover SUV category.  Each category in this Edmunds list is given three vehicles based on which vehicles in that segment have attracted the most car-shopper consideration from  January 1, 2014 through October 31, 2014. The three chosen and then given the award.

Obviously the public finds something interesting about these models, otherwise they would not have been on this list. One of the features that sets the 2015 Mazda CX-5 and the 2015 Mazda3 apart is the SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY. This technology allows them to achieve the best fuel economy and the most exhilarating driving dynamics in their respective classes. In addition, these models have the  i-ACTIVSENSE technology. Certain components of this technology help to assist drivers in detecting potential collision situations and aids in avoiding these dangers. Mazda’s seven-passenger SUV, the CX-9, delivers a refined interiors while still offering a great combination of power and agility in handling.

Obviously there is some clear evidence that Mazda cars are on the radar for shoppers. In the pot of 18 millions a month, Mazda finds it a great honor to be represented in three different categories. If you would like to see for yourself what these three models have to offer, see your friends at Nelson Mazda. They are the best choice for a Mazda near Owasso.


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