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How Not to be a Lousy Customer (Part 3)

Mechanic at the garageSometimes it is easy to forget that your grease-smudged, grunting mechanic real person with real feelings. Well, they are. And they have a list of “good” and “bad”customers. Maybe it isn’t written down, but they know when you walk in the door whether they will have a pleasant afternoon or if there is going to be hell in the workspace. You Mazda Car Dealer near Norman wants you to consider that you might be the latter. That’s why your friends at Nelson Mazda have some tips to help improve that relationship.

Number Four: Do not monopolize your mechanic’s time.

There are days in any business that are busier than others. For a mechanic’s shop, this action comes from having lots of customers eager to pick up and drop off their cars. Usually, the peak points are between 7 and 9 am and 4pm to close. At these times specifically it is rude to the other customers to intentionally monopolize your the time of the service writer who sits at the front desk to take your info. Especially when there are six other people behind you in the room.

If you are the person who like to ask a thousand questions, consider coming in AFTER the morning rush. The service writer at the front desk will undoubtedly have more time for you then. There will not be any other antsy customers shifting around behind you. And you won’t be the cause of any early morning explosions.

Number Five: Give your mechanic the benefit of the doubt.

There is no doubt about the fact that there are some shady characters in the business of mechanics. However, we would be willing to say that the majority are decent and trustworthy business men.

Always assume that your mechanic is treating you with honestly. He is innocent until proven guilty. Does this mean that he won’t ever make a mistake? Well, no. He’s a person and that entitles him to making mistakes sometimes. Not only that, but in the car world sometimes things are hard to diagnose.

If you have a situation where the problem isn’t fixed the first time, bring it to attention of the mechanic. Your mechanic relies on repeat customers and good word of mouth. We’ll bet that if you bring it to his attention he will work even harder to make is right.

If you are worried that the mechanic you have been working with lands on the shady side, check out the shop’s reviews at and google. You will certainly be able to find someone you can trust.


How Not to be a Lousy Customer (Part 2)

Auto mechanic working at auto repair shopAs we move into the next blog, you Mazda Dealer near Stillwater wants you to continue to focus on developing a good relationship with your mechanic and using good etiquette for both business and general niceness. We are sure that you will end with a better relationship if you consider these tips and follow their instruction. No matter how strong you natural inclination is, we think these will give you better success.

Number Two:  Do not blame your mechanic for other problems. (Continued)

Think about this, at any given moment most cars need some sort of attention. There is a possibility your mechanic caused a new problem, but in our experience that is a very uncommon occurrence. We recommend that you avoid sounding accusing at all costs. Always approach your mechanic with respect. You will most likely find that he is much more willing to answer your questions with an open mind if you go in with an open mind yourself rather than walking in talking to him like he had a head injury the day before.

Number Three: Do not hover.

Think back to the sixth grade. You remember that creeping pressure that you felt when your teacher would stand right over your shoulder while you answered the questions on a quiz? This is exactly the feeling that you mechanic gets when you stand over his shoulder. Primarily, its distracting. Frankly, the job of a mechanic takes more focus than you probably realize. In our experience, you end up with the lowest quality work when he is being constantly scrutinized.

If your repair is going to take a while, prep or that! Plan to go to the nearest cafe with your laptop and get something done. Relax and watch some youtube videos. Let your mechanic be the one to focus on your car without having to hear you sigh every time he uses a greasy hand to touch your battery cable.


How Not to be a Lousy Customer (Part 1)

MechanicBuilding a good relationship with your mechanic has lots of upsides. You may think that you are doing a great job investing in that professional relationship, but sometimes its good to hear from the mechanics themselves. Your dealer of Mazda Cars near Bartlesville did some research on what you mechanics like to see from their customers.

Number One: Don’t withhold information.

Let’s say you go to the doctor with a headache. Your doctor begins to ask you questions pertaining to the headache in an attempt to discover the source. You answer all his questions, but you neglect to inform him that you ran into a bridge abutment the day before. It is going to be hard for your doctor to diagnose you correctly if he does not have all of the information.

Think about your mechanic the same way. You should need to give your mechanic a full description of the problem. This includes when it started, if anything makes it worse or better, and it there are any other signs or symptoms that something might be wrong. Take the time to observe the problem. This way you will better understand the conditions that surround the problem. When you meet with your mechanic, do not withhold any information, intentionally or unintentionally. You are not the judge of the relevancy of the information. That’s what your mechanic is for.

Number Two: Do not blame your mechanic for other problems.

Here’s the thing about getting repairs done; once your sway bar isn’t knocking around anymore, it would not be unusual for you to notice a problem that you had not noticed before. Before you automatically decide that the mechanic must have busted something else loose, consider the fact that you just hadn’t notice it. Instead of accusing him of breaking something, ask him politely if the new noise you are hearing might possible be related to the repairs that he completed.