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Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Child in CarThe harsh reality of hot car deaths is that they are completely preventable. Bad things happen all the time and the best way to prevent them is to have a strategy. We here at Nelson Mazda want to make sure that all of our customers are safe and this is why we’ve come up with a set of tips that can help prevent hot car deaths from occurring.

Any time you get out of your vehicle you should take a quick look into the backseat. This is just to make sure there aren’t any kids hiding in the floor and then you can lock the vehicle. If you have a bag that you have to take to lunch or something else that you need with you, place that in the back seat. One item that is really smart to use is one of your shoes. You aren’t going to get far without it. Keep a toy in your child’s car seat and when your child rides with you place the toy in the passenger seat. Lock the doors to your vehicle at all times no matter where it is parked. You should also place your keys up high and put away so that your children don’t play with them and climb into the vehicle without you knowing. Call the daycare up and work out a plan for them to call you if the child doesn’t come to it’s regular days in their care. Lastly, if you ever see a child locked in a vehicle you should call the proper authorities immediately. Most people think that something like this could never happen to them and it’s completely by accident that it happens. Take the necessary steps to prevent it with your family. You can visit Nelson new Mazda dealership near Drumwright and find an incredibly safe vehicle for you and your family.

Stop Car Thieves With These Tips Part 5

Helpful TipsIn our last article we left off talking about making sure that your car is empty. You need to make sure that your car is clean and free of any of your gadgets. It’s also important that you don’t have a lot of loose change lying around. You would be surprised with how little a car thieve needs to see in order to want to break into your vehicle. Make sure you have all of this stuff out of site.

Whenever you are parking your vehicle you should check around for working streetlights. Leaving your car parked in the dark is going to leave it vulnerable to break ins. In order to deter that you should always park your vehicle in an area that has plenty of light. Also, if you’re parking in a lot the closer your are to the middle and front of the lot the better you are. If you’re parked towards the back there are usually less people around and more of a chance for your car to be hit up.

There are also some things that you can do to the exterior of your home that can keep those burglars away from your house and car. The best thing you can do is set up motion sensor lights that will click on whenever anyone comes near your home or driveway. These motion sensors can scare the burglars away and your stuff is totally safe.

The last tip we have for you is about your spare tire. If your spare is located on the outside of your vehicle you should make sure that it is secure and chained down so that not just anyone can walk up and take it.

Now that you have all the great tips to protect your vehicle you can visit Nelson Mazda, used cars dealers near Bristow, and find a great vehicle and security features to protect your belongings.

Stop Car Thieves With These Tips Part 4

Car ThievesWe all know how important it is to keep all of your expensive items out of site whenever you leave your vehicle alone. If you put everything away then those burglars are likely going to skip over your vehicle because they are looking to work quickly. This is why it is extremely important to put all of your “extras” in the trunk of your vehicle. Things like suitcases, sports equipment, shopping bags, and so on. Leaving absolutely nothing in your vehicle is going to be the best bet in order to prevent people from trying to break into your car.

Chances are the more expensive your vehicle is the more likely someone is going to want to break into it. They’ll assume you have a ton of money and expensive gadgets in your vehicle that they can make money on. We also have to weigh the fact that some people aren’t just going to steal items, but they’ll try to steal your whole vehicle. However, this could also work in your favor. A lot of nice vehicles now come with engine immobilizers that can actually prevent someone from stealing your vehicle and can improve the chances of them being caught.

Keeping your car clean is going to benefit you far more than what you would think. Some burglars may break into your vehicle and just start grabbing literally everything that they see even if it’s not worth much at all. It would be better if you kept everything out of site so that your car looks empty. This means your phone charger, auxiliary cords, GPS systems, and so on need to be put up.

Nelson Mazda dealership can sell you some great accessories that can help you keep your vehicle organized and tidy. You can also find some great vehicles that offer security features to protect your stuff. Visit this dealership near Coweta with new and used car inventory to find the perfect vehicle for your needs.