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Detailing Your Car Part 5

Helpful TipsIn our last article we started talking about cleaning up carpets by vacuuming all the dirt up. I always use a hard bristle brushes on the carpets first to try and work out any stains before I break out any of the carpet cleaners. If you do have to clean your carpets you’ll want to try and use as little moisture as possible and then soak up the moisture before you close your doors.

I have some other tips that may come in handy for some car detailing situations. You can grab a rag and put it over a plastic knife to try and clean out deep crevices in order to work larger areas much quicker. Whenever you are cleaner your dashboard you may want to consider using canned air to blow out dirt from the air ducts. If you travel with a pet often you can quickly clean up animal hair by wrapping masking tap around your hand and run your hand over the carpets and seats of your vehicle. This is a quick way to make your car look a lot cleaner. If you’ve gotten any grease or mud in your carpets you can use a very strong soap solution and a stiff bristle brush. This process will work quickly to remove those stains and is much less intense than using the chemicals in carpet cleaners to clean them. Truly all you need to get those intense stains out is by using a lot of elbow grease.

We here at Nelson new Mazda dealerships near Collinsville want to make this process as easy as possible. This is why we want you to stick around to learn all of the other tips that we have left for detailing your vehicle. Until then you can check out some of the other service jobs that they can do for you and your vehicle.


Detailing Your Car Part 4

Cleaning car interiorAfter you’ve gotten all of the dirt out of the material you should thoroughly dry the area. You should now move onto the cracks and crevices and use your cotton swabs and toothpicks to get all of the junk out. Make sure that whenever you clean  your dashboard and the Infotainment system of your vehicle that you are cleaning the buttons and knobs. These collect much more dirt and dead skin than what you would think. You center console can collect a lot of junk. Make sure that you are paying close attention to your cupholders and coin holder areas. This area may benefit from a nice scrub down with some soap water. Again, make sure that you dry this area completely before you move on.

You can now move onto cleaning your seats. Regardless of whether your seats are cloth, vinyl, or leather you’ll want to make sure that you vacuum the chairs and really work into the cracks of the seats. If you have cloth seats you can use some stain remover to clean up any stains that may be in the seat. I always leave my doors open until the seats have dried completely.

You are almost finished with the interior of the vehicle and all you have left are the carpets. You’ll want to start by vacuuming the floors. Move your seats forward and backward while you are vacuuming so that you can get underneath them and vacuum up all of the lost french fries and pony tail holders. Throw the floor mats outside while you’re vacuuming and work on them later. You will learn how I clean the carpets of my vehicle. We have a few other tips to share with  you so stick around with Nelson Mazda car dealers near Claremore.


Safety Features Found In The New Mazda CX-3

Mazda CX-3 DisplayWhen it comes to purchasing a new vehicle you’ll first investigate all of the features that come with it. One thing that is very important to most drivers is the safety of the vehicle. If you’re wanting something with tons of advanced safety features then you’ll definitely appreciate the new Mazda CX-3.

One of the safety features found in this vehicle will be the Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Close Proximity Warning. Whenever you set your Mazda Radar Cruise Control it will begin to detect the vehicle in front of you. If the system detects that you aren’t at a safe distance from the car in front it will correct your speed.

The Smart City Brake Support is another great feature in the Mazda CX-3. This feature helps to prevent the occurrences of frontal collision in rush hour like traffic between 2 and 18 miles per hour. If it detects that you may be in danger of a collision it will apply the brakes and reduce engine output. This means it could avoid a collision altogether or reduce the damage done in a collision.

The Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring will have radars set up in your blind spots. If you try to change lanes while something is in your blind spot this system will alert you.

You could have a Smart Brake Support with Collision Warning with this new vehicle. It can help to prevent frontal collisions or at least minimize them whenever you are driving speeds 10 miles per hour or higher. It will apply your brakes if it thinks that you are about to get into a collision.

There are many other safety features that you should learn about with this new Mazda CX-3 near Sand Springs at Nelson Mazda. We will help you out whenever you visit our dealership. Call now and set up an appointment with one of their Product Specialists.