How to Properly Vacuum Out Your Car (Part 2)

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Man is hoovering or cleaning the carIn the last blog your Tulsa Dealership near Catoosa started giving you some instructions on how to get the cleanest carpet. In this blog, we finish up the how to.

Next, tackle the largest part of the car floor. Choose a wide attachment to reach the most space you can at once. Slide the seats all the way forward and vacuum, then all the way back and Vacuum. Get as far under the seats as you can. You may want to use an extension attachment to reach all the way underneath.

Once the large areas are taken care of, switch to a smaller and narrower attachment. Use this attachment to reach around the floor pedals and the areas between the seats and the console.

When all of the flooring is well vacuumed, look over the carpet for stains or heavily soiled areas. Spot treat these areas with carpet or upholsery cleaner. Follow the directiong on the bottle. This should tell you how much cleaner to use, and how long to leave it on the fabric. Once it has set for the appropriate amount of time, vacuum that area again to remove the cleaner. If necessary, repeat.

The dashboard, doors and both sides of the visors need to be vacuumed with with a soft brush attachment. Once all of these areas are clean, use that same attachment for the seats. If you find debris between the seat and seat back you may need another narrow attachment. If you have leather seats, take special car not to scratch the surface of the seats with the vacuum attachment.

After you have cleaned out the entire cabin, run your vacuum over the interior of your trunk.

If, when you are finished, you find that your vehicle does not have a pleasant smell there a a few solutions. You can sprinkle carpet freshener or baking soda onto the clean carpet. Allow the powder to sit for a few minutes and vacuum it up again.


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How to Properly Vacuum Out Your Car (Part 1)

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Set of different vacuum cleanersYou probably know, your Tulsa Dealer near Jenks is reminding you that a dirty car interior can cause it to be very unsightly. Just maintaining your car interioe can make your car look years newer. More than that, having a clean interior creates a heathlier environment while you are driving. It limits the amount of dust and pollen particles in the air. With this in mind, it is important for you to learn to properly vacuum out your car.

Start by choosing the appropriate vacuum cleaner. The primary thing you need to look for is a vacuum with several different sizes of attachments. Wide ones for the broad space, narrow for the creases, and soft brushes for the seats. Vacuums with these attachements are easily carried. They can be stored in a garage, or if they are small enough, even in your trunk. If there is not a way for your to get corded power to your vehicle, vacuums are also available with cordless power sources that can be recharged.

Before you actually start sucking things away, makes sure all the big stuff is out of your car. Pick up all trash, take in any left over dishes, and put everything back where it belongs. After all of that is removed, take out the floor mats too. Give your floors mates a good shake over a garbage can or just the ground to get rid of any loose dirt and rocks. Use the vacuum cleaner to suction off any particles that remain stuck to the mat. Set them aside for when the job is finished.

Check back later this month for the rest of the instructions for vacuuming out your car well.

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Checking Your Tire Tread Depth (Part 2)

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Car tire in rain.Your local Mazda Car Dealer near Sand Springs wants you to know that according to most states’ laws, tires are legally worn out when they have worn down to 2/32″ of remaining tread depth. One that thing that tire sold in North America have to help warn drivers about the depth of their tires are indicators molded into their tread desogn called “wear bars”. There bars run across their tread pattern from their outside shoulder to inside shoulder. The wear bars are designed to visually connect the elements of the tire’s tread pattern and warn the drivers when their tires no longer meet the minimum tread depth requirements.

It’s important, as a tire wears, to realize that the tire’s ability to perform in rain and show will be reduced. Resistance to hydroplaning in the rain at highway speeds has been significantly reduced, and traction in snow has been virtually eliminated with only 2/32″ of remaining tread depth.

If the area you live in makes rain and wet roads a concern, you should consider replacing your tires when they reach approximately 4/32″ of remaining tread depth. Since water cannot be compressed, you need enough tread depth to allow rain to escape through the tire’s grooves. You lose traction if the water cannot escape fast enough. This causes your vehicle’s tires will be forced to hydroplane on top of the water.

If snowy roads are your concern, consider replacing your tired when they reach approximately 6/32″ of remaining tread depth to maintain good mobility. In the snow you need more tread depth mobility. You need more tread depth in snow because your tires need to compress the snow in their grooves and release it as they roll. When there isn’t enough sufficient tread depth the “bites” of snow your tires can take on reduce to “nibbles”. This sacrifices traction and mobility. For this reason, snow tires usually have visibly deeper tread.

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