Safety Features You Shouldn’t Do Without

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Typed Text Accident On PaperIf you are shopping for a new car, safety features are probably at the top of your list of priorities and deciding to purchase a new car is generally heavily weighted on what that car has to offer you in terms of safety.  Mazda cars are known as the safest cars on the roads and we are going to highlight a few of the features that make them number one!

First up, is Mazda’s Radar Cruise Control.  With this exciting feature, cruise control is taken to an entirely new level with automatic controls that adjust the speed and apply brakes in order to maintain a specific distance between you and the car in front of you.  This allows you to drive comfortably and with peace of mind that when you are using cruise control and the person in front of you slows down…you will slow down too…automatically!

Next, is Mazda’s Forward Obstruction Warning system.  Once you are driving at speeds of 10mph or more, this system will warn you of potential obstructions that may be ahead of you.  It simply alerts you (the driver) to brake or to take evasive action to avoid a potential accident.

Next up, is Smart City Brake Support.  With this technology, your Mazda keeps you safe by automatically applying the brakes if it determines that you are about to be involved in an unavoidable collision with an object ahead.  This technology is used when traveling at low speeds (2-18 mph).

To check out all of these safety features in action, visit Nelson Mazda, where we believe that Tulsa Dealerships should make the safety of their new car owners a priority!


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Careless Driving Upsets Trucker

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Excessive Speeding Careless Driving ConceptHave you ever been on the roadway and noticed a police officer speeding along?  We don’t always know if they are on their way to an emergency, but you can assume that if they were that their lights would be on.  Recently, this video went viral of a truck driver who was pulled over for honking his horn.  He informs the officer that he honked his horn to get the officer’s attention because he was “speeding and using his cell phone.”  Take a look if you haven’t already seen this video:

Regardless of how you feel about this video, it is a reality of what can happen on the roadways.  Whether or not people think this trucker did the right thing (and most would agree that he did), he brought this issue to the attention of this police officer, who despite his first reactions when walking up to the truck, recognized that he had done something wrong.

Seeing other people speeding and using their cell phones are both issues that can really ignite frustration in people.  It is important to always remember that you are not only creating an unsafe environment for others on the roads, but you are also causing frustration with others driving, which can lead to an entirely new set of issues along the way.  Take a minute to remember how to drive safely.  This means you have to choose to make smart choices behind the wheel….even police officers as it would appear.  Put the phone down and watch your speed.  There is no conversation worth having and no destination worth arriving to that should cause you to risk your life.  Your local Nelson Mazda Tulsa Dealer wants to remind you to drive safely always!

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More Helpful Tips When Buying a Used Car (Part 3)

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Seller or car salesman and client or customer in car dealershipSo far, we have went through the first 5 steps to consider when buying a used car.  At Nelson Mazda, we are number one among Bixby Car Dealers when it comes to used car sales and it is because we know how important it is for our shoppers to have a great experience along the way!  Take a look at steps 6 and 7!

Step 6: Contact the Seller

By now, you have likely shopped our website for the used cars that fit your budget and your list of needs and the next step is to give us a call and let us know you are interested in one of our used cars.  We can easily get you connected with one of our friendly salesmen who can begin walking you through the buying process quickly and easily.  You will find out with a quick call to one of our sales staff that we are your Tulsa area friendly car dealer!  A phone call says a lot about a person and we want you to know that we aren’t a high-pressure dealer waiting to take your money at all costs.  Contact us today and you will see the difference!

Step 7: Test-Drive the Car

Once we get you connected with a sales person from our dealership, we will schedule a test drive and make sure that everything is ready for you when you arrive to our dealership to help save you time while here.  We will want to make sure that we do a test drive in an area that closely resembles your daily driving conditions so that you can easily get a feel for whether or not the car will really fit into your life easily.  You can even meet with our service team to ask any questions you may have regarding what’s under the hood!  Building relationships with our service team is just as important to us!  We hope to see you back for your routine maintenance once the sale is final!  Contact us today and be on the lookout for the final steps in buying your used car.

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