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Top Tips for Defensive Driving (Part 3)

Car OvertakingYou are probably on top of defensive driving in your Used Car near Claremore, but hopefully you know that just because you are being safe does not mean that other drivers are doing the same. One part of defensive driving is making good choice for yourself on the road, but another huge part is paying attention to other drivers who are not. Know what you should do to make sure you say out of the way of other drivers who are not being safe.

Defensive Driving Tip #5: Watch Blind Spots

That might seem silly because they are blind spots after all, but you can be aware of what is happening around you. While drivers may not zip in and out of traffic, others carelessly move into another lane without checking their blind spots. You are most proactive in avoiding being struck by one of these drivers, keep yourself out of the blind spots of the cars around you. If you need to, move a little faster so that they can see you clearly. Be aware of what they do, if they speed up, you can slow down.

Defensive Driving Tip #6: Avoid Eye Contact

We told you earlier that scientist were looking into the causes of accidents, but they have also done studies on what cause road rage. The results are showing that road rage is escalated when drivers look directly into each other’s eyes. The people who really do suffer with road rage are just looking for ways to get other people angry about something that has just occurred. Just keep driving like you were, if you don’t make eye contact, you avoid becoming engaged in what they are doing.


Top Tips for Defensive Driving (Part 2)

non-functioning emergency lane in a traffic jam on a highwayAvoiding car accidents is probably pretty important to you. Well, keeping your Mazda Car near Owasso in-tact is easy when you are practicing being a defensive driver. Before you get up in arms and say that only grandmas drive defensively, keep in mind that defensive driving is actually a very specific approach to getting behind the wheel. Ultimately, is makes you a better and safer driver.

Defensive Driving Tip #3: Stay in One Lane as Much as Possible

You might think that changing lanes will get you where you need to go faster, but actually, the chances of you getting in an accident more than double. Even if you are using your blinker, suddenly changing lanes may cause you, or someone else, to be rear ended. Sometimes changing lanes is necessary, but for the most part you should choose one lane and stick with it. Maintaining a consistent speed and staying in one actually saves you more time and keeps you from being in an accident.

Defensive Driving Tip #4: Keep an Eye on Lane Changers

You may have decided to stay in one lane, but that does not mean that every one else has too. Stay aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for lane changers. Often drivers will try to slip between cars even when it is not really safe. Keep an eye on your mirrors that way you can keep an eye on anyone who may be approaching you.  If you need to slow down so they can pass, let them. Especially is they are staying in your blind spot. Keeping a safe distance away from other drivers means that you can clearly see when they are planning to change lanes.


Top Tips for Defensive Driving (Part 1)

Attractive Woman Using Cell Phone While DrivingHave you ever heard the term “defensive driving?” We would bet you have. Car safety experts advertise it as one of the best way to stay safe on the road. We recognize that even though you have heard the term, does not mean that you know exactly how to do it. With this in mind, your Mazda Dealer near Catoosa has put together this blog series with practical defensive driving tips. Your friends at Nelson Mazda want you to stay safe on the road.

Defensive Driving Tip #1: Eliminate All Distractions

Scientists have been actively studying the reasons why so many car accidents happen every year. THey have found that the most common cause was the driver allowing themselves to be distracted. Because it is the number one cause of accidents, it is number one on our list. Make it a habit of driving distraction free. The more deliberate you are about eliminating distractions, the safer and more aware of a driver you will become. We include eating, talking to passengers, texting, talking on the phone and fiddling with the radio all to be distractors. Anything that you need to do can wait until you are stopped.

Defensive Driving Tip #2: Focus on the Horizon

When we drive, we tend to fall into the habit of watching the car directly in front of us. But that only keeps us informed about a very limited portion of the road. If you keep your eyes on the horizon you are able to watch all of the traffic ahead of you. Then you will be able to see any activity that might cause an accident well before you come upon it. This will give you more time to act and adjust according to what is in front of you. Not only does this protect your from accidents, it saves gas and your brakes.