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How To Avoid Speed Traps (Part 2)

Navigation in phone. Isolated 3D imageFirst up on the list of tips and tricks to keep your Mazda from getting caught from your Car Dealer near Bartlesville in a speed trap are the free apps that you can use to notify you of speed traps. These apps work similarly to radar detectors. Radar detectors are little machines that alert a driver to a police car armed with a radar gun and are legal in every state except Virginia and the District of Columbia. These apps are legal in every state. If you do not want to spend money on a radar detectors, there are also some free apps. However, these have a lesser accuracy than the actual radar detectors.

If you are not looking to spend money, the tops apps for your smartphone are Trapster, PhantomAlert and Fuzz Alert. These apps display a map on the phone, and as the driver moves along the maps shows patrols cars, red-light cameras, and school zones on the map. The app also lets the driver know what is happening audibly so that the driver can keep their eyes on the road. While this app is definitely helpful, it certainly is not foolproof.  Both Trapster and PhantomAlert rely on drivers who have downloaded the apps to touch the screen when they see a speed trap. Consider this a sort of social networking approach to avoiding tickets. Waze is a navigation app that also allows you to report police officers.

One of the major issues with these app is that he police cars change their locations throughout the day. Although, the app showing a speed trap will still help you be more aware of your speed.  What you may also encounter is the app showing you that there is a police officer parked and it turns out that the cop is now just a few miles down the road.

Keep in mind that these apps have accuracy based on how many people use them. If there is no one using them today, they may have outdated info.


How To Avoid Speed Traps (Part 1)

Mirror PoliceYou may not know this, but when states and municipalities go through budget shortfalls and the economy is in a down cycle more speeding tickets are issued. The most effective way to issue speeding tickets, is for police officers to set speed traps. Really, avoiding speed traps in your Used Mazda Car near Muskogee is easy with these simple tips!

This probably seems counterintuitive, but police officers are writing more tickets and making less money. They are being tougher on drivers. This means they are issuing tickets for drivers going only 10 mph over the speed limit rather than 20. These smaller infractions bring about smaller fines.

In a study done on the tickets in 2008 compared to 2010 in the Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg area of Florida it was found that the police handed out 1,500 more tickets in 2010 than in 2008. The revenue was almost $200,000 less in 2010 than 2008 because of the size of the infraction and ticket.

In addition to police officers being on their A-game, drivers are also getting smarter with the use of radar detectors and smart-phone apps that keep drivers aware of speed traps. These vices are helping drivers avoid getting tickets in the first place.

Even though these machines help, the best defense against speeding tickets is to drive no more than 5 miles over the speed limit. Even though you always have the best intentions we know how easy it is to sneak up on a 35mph zone and still be going 45, or to just be cruising along on a highway marked 65 and look down to realise you are actually going 80mph. This being said, we have come up with the best tips and tools to use to help you avoid dreaded ticket and points on their license that will result in higher auto insurance premiums, as well as lighten their lead feet. As the economy remains sluggish and tax revenues down, pressure is mounting on law enforcement to write more tickets.


How to be the Best Passenger (Part 4)

Group Of Friends In Car On Road Trip TogetherThis is the last blog from your Mazda Car Dealership near Chelsea on how to be a great passenger. We hope that you take these tips to heart and make every trip – whether you drive or ride – a safe environment for everyone.

  1. Our next tips seems a little silly, be recommend you do as the Germans do. Drivers and passengers alike could take a cue from the Germans in terms of driving. You see, German driving tests are much more rigorous and harder to pass. Consequently, German drivers are among the best in the world. Germans pay attention and take things seriously in the car, and we don’t just mean the drivers. Everyone on the car is always focused.
  2. When you get in and out as the passenger, close the door quickly on city streets. An open door is a huge hazard. A 4,000-pound car is a huge amount of energy, and all it takes is a split second for it to take your door off. It’s called situation awareness and it comes down to paying attention.
  3. Even if you are a front seat passenger, avoid the urge to backseat drive. Pointing out every mistake and detail just adds to the driver’s stress level instead of easing it. You can and should give the driver information, but not comments or an editorial. Save that for before or after the trip.

So now you know! Being a good passenger does not take much. Think about the kind of passengers you like to have when you are driving and try to emulate that. Parents, teach your kids from a young age that driving is something that takes focus. Teach them to stay quiet in the car, and tell them why! It will make them professional passengers and safer drivers when the times comes.